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What is Earth engine?

A multi-petabyte collection of geospatial datasets and satellite pictures are combined with planetary-scale analysis tools in Google Earth Engine.

Earth Engine is used by scientists, researchers, and developers to identify changes, chart trends, and measure variations on the surface of the planet. While still free for use in education and research, Earth Engine is now available for commercial usage.

Users of the Google Earth Engine geospatial analysis software can view and examine satellite photos of our planet. Earth Engine is used by academics and nonprofit organizations for a variety of tasks, including managing natural resources and anticipating disease outbreaks.

Your pupils can use this knowledge to participate in the conversation and eventually become data scientists.

More than 40 years of past and present global satellite pictures are combined with the tools and computing capacity required to evaluate and mine that enormous data repository in Google Earth Engine.

It is a priceless resource for students to expand their understanding of the effects of climate change and much more because it is a planetary-scale platform for environmental data analysis.

By generating an interactive viewer that displays changes in worldwide land covering over a 32-year period while being cloud-free, the Timelapse project demonstrates the capabilities of Earth Engine.

For academic, nonprofit, business, and government users, Earth Engine is a platform for geospatial dataset scientific research and visualization.
A public data archive with more than forty years’ worth of historical world photographs is maintained by Earth Engine, which also hosts satellite imagery. The photos are then made accessible for large-scale data mining on a daily basis.
Large dataset analysis is made possible by Earth Engine’s further provision of APIs and other tools.

Is it different from Google Earth ?

By interacting with a virtual globe, Google Earth enables you to travel, explore, and learn about the world. You can see maps, topography, 3D buildings, satellite photos, and much more.

On the other side, Earth Engine is a tool for geographic data analysis. Among many other possible analyses, you can examine the amount of water and forests, the change in land usage, or the condition of agricultural fields.

Even though the two programs share some of the same information, Earth Engine can only analyze a portion of the pictures and data from Google Earth.

Can anyone get access?

To get access to Earth Engine, please fill out the form at You will receive an email titled “Welcome to Google Earth Engine” with instructions for getting started.

Using Google Earth Engine
Utilize one of the APIs to connect to the Earth Engine service. Complex geospatial analysis are converted to Earth Engine requests using client libraries like JavaScript and Python. or use the REST API to connect straight to Earth Engine servers.

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